DAIC-WOZ Database
Extended DAIC Database

Thank you for your interest! These databases are part of a larger corpus,

the Distress Analysis Interview Corpus (DAIC) (Gratch et al.,2014).

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DAIC-WOZ Database

This database contains clinical interviews designed to support the diagnosis of psychological distress conditions such as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

These interviews were collected as part of a larger effort to create a computer agent that interviews people and identifies verbal and nonverbal indicators of mental illness (DeVault et al., 2014).  

Data collected include audio and video recordings and extensive questionnaire responses; this part of the corpus includes data from the Wizard-of-Oz interviews, conducted by an animated virtual interviewer called Ellie, controlled by a human interviewer in another room.

Data has been transcribed and annotated for a variety of verbal and non-verbal features. This download includes 189 sessions of interactions ranging between 7-33 minutes (average is 16 minutes). Each session includes transcripts of the interaction, participant audio files, and information about facial features. For more details please refer to the documentation.

Extended DAIC Database

This is the extended version of DAIC-WOZ database for depression and PTSD assessment, developed by ICT. This data was used for the AVEC 2019 Challenge and is also available upon request. Detailed documentation for this dataset is currently being created. We will update this site with the new documentation once it is completed.  


In order to download one of the databases, please click the appropriate button below, complete, sign and submit the form. Please note that due to consent constraints we are only allowed to distribute the data to academics and other non-profit researchers. Please use only your academic e-mail address when requesting the data download.

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